Friday, December 15, 2017

I'm certainly chewin' the carrot over this one!

This guy is a creationist.

Darek Isaacs
It seems he believes in dragons.

The only Dragon we listen to in Naenae is the 70s rock band.

If you drive through Naenae, you're sure to hear someone with their stereo belting out April Sun in Cuba or Are you Old Enough? These guys created some shit hot songs so I guess they were good creationists.
I don't know much about evolution but my mate Mike is a bit of a gorilla, especially when he's pissed.
Anyway I'm still chewin' the carrot on all this stuff.


  1. I seem to remember Bunny, some years ago both that old scottish bastard and I suggested what you could do with that carrot.

    I hated Dragon and that April song was shit.

    Are You Old Enough? was an anthem for ageing musical pedophiles.

  2. Dumped eh?

    Bit off more than you could chew?