Sunday, January 30, 2011

Plant foot.

Man I love my Holden but now that I'm out of work it cost shit loads to run. The one in the picture is not mine, but it's similar. The first thing I did when I started working was save really hard to get the Holden. It took me years. Years of driving dung heaps, but now I have it. Mine's a 2007. Chicks like riding in the Holden but I need to get a job soon to pay for the gas. I used to work at the BP in Naenae but I got laid off. I might try and become a bus driver. Though I don't really want to do weekend shifts. I saw Whole Lotta Lead last night. Good band.
This morning I'm chewin' the carrot thinking about whether to get a cheap bike. A peddle one. It'd save on gas.


  1. Yes, the Holden is a mix. Some have one motor another has another motor.. yes you get my point. But interbreeding is good in nature yes?
    I took my holden with 215,000 km for a warrent today and it only needs a small exhaust leak repair. Holden is like a Mozart symphony, solid and sure to please.

  2. Mozart is dead. Try Motorhead if you like good music.

  3. Of all of Richard's creations this is the most annoying.